Posted on May 23, 2023
Thank you to Brian Smith for giving our Club a great tour of Rotary Park. Although we only toured a part of the park it was a beautiful morning and a great way to see how our Club has stewarded the development and upkeep of this important community asset. Brian Smith once again did a wonderful job of informing us of the continued work and history of Rotary Park.
We gathered at the Adnac Ski Hill and entered the park at the base of the skill hill. Not too far along on our tour we came across the milkweed garden boxes that are meant to provide safe haven to the migrating monarch butterflies. This spot is at the base of some impressive metal steps that were designed by Tim James and put in place with some in-kind labour. Brian shared that the team that constructed the stairs did so in the dead of winter in some terrible conditions.... #ServiceAboveSelf!!!!!
We then found ourselves at another Tim James designed lookout to end our tour. Again in-kind support was needed to get the platform built. Brian shared how the gravel for the walkways was carried by a back-hoe from the Mountain Street entrance of the Park. Stocks in Grovol went up during this part of the construction.
The park runs from Mountain Street to Beatrice Street. One of the newer additions to the park are the Bear Bins and the Soccer Fields. This was also the site of New Sudbury Days a few years ago. Some projects in the park include the planting of 7500 Pine Trees, Butterfly Milk Weed, Flowers Gardens and Murals. The park is used by many citizens but include groups such as Miners Mayham, Nickel City Walkers, Dirty Divas and the Rotary Fun Run. The partners of the park include the City of Sudbury, Nickel District Conservation Authority, Ethier Sand and Gravel, Dragon Boat Festival, Castle and James and more. 
Thanks again Brian for your leadership in ensuring Rotary Park is a cherished asset in our community!