Posted by Catherine Coe
Last week our newest Rotarian Jeff Shrigley was inducted in by membership chair Charter President Gerry Lougheed Jr. Jeff welcome to the club and we look forward to working with you.
For those who missed it, a bit about Jeff :
           " My proudest accomplishment to date thus far is passing my provincial Board Exam to become a Funeral Director because all my heart work and determination paid off in the end. If I could learn any new skill I would have to say being a motivation speaker. If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be Harare, Zimbabwe as that’s where my best friend is from and I would love to explore the culture. My dream job growing up was to be a kindergarten teacher. The most valuable life lesson I have learned in life came from my dad , and he always told me that no matter what I do in life do it to the best of my ability and always give 100%. I feel passionate about making a difference in peoples lives whether it be big or small. My top 5 personal values are Family, Hard Work, Passion, Honesty and Respect. My role model or person I admire is Chad Owens. Chad is a football player that spent time in the CFL with Toronto and Hamilton.  I was lucky enough to become friends with him and his passion to work hard, love family and succeed are inspiring. He lives his life by the model, “Adversity Fuels Me. Hard Work Defines Me. Passion Separates Me.” Which is the quote I have on my forearm. I am grateful for a wonderful support system that stands behind me in whatever undertaking I try. The most accomplishing feeling I can receive is putting a smile on someone’s face whether that be on a child, family member or client. I am really good at strategizing and problem solving. Top 5 favourite list about me. My favourite sport is Football. My favourite drink is Root Beer. My favourite song is Blue Collar Man by Styx. My favourite artist is Meek Mill. My favourite movie is Remember the Titans."