Posted by Darlene Palmer

Greetings Sunrisers,

So often I hear Rotarians refer to Rotary as their “Rotary Family” and every time I do I think of all the brothers and sisters I have worldwide!

But I believe that statement to be very true. We work together as a family to hopefully make things a little better in this crazy world of ours. We play together to make sure that we have the inner strength to see us through good times and bad at a time when there is so much hurt and sadness in the world.

And like all families (especially adult ones) we all have other things going on in our lives. We all have life experiences that give us different perspectives on things. We may all look at things differently and have opinions on the what, and the how, and the who but we also all have special qualities that make us good at one thing or another. Some family members have super visionary talents for the big picture and some have mind boggling organizational skills. And some family members have talents that blossom under pressure or by just being asked to do something.

The most extraordinary thing to me about my Rotary family is that when push comes to shove and “crunch time” sets in we all come together to make something extraordinary happen. Whether it is planting trees or doing clean up in Rotary Park, giving blood, filling baby cribs, bringing food to the homeless shelter, serving at the mission, ringing bells or ensuring that our one and only fundraiser of the year is a huge success. It boggles my mind and makes me so proud that we do all of this for other people. To make our community a better place for its citizens.

We give each other strength and hope and love and that is truly what family is all about. I consider myself blessed to be part of this awesome family of Rotary Sunrisers. You make me happy that I get to spend time with each of you every week. I think of it as our once a week family dinner – only at breakfast and without the wine!

Yours in Rotary,