Posted on Sep 26, 2023
Vive le Vin
Tickets are now officially on sale for the in-person Vive le Vin event to be held Saturday, November 4th.  Sunrisers are required to purchase a minimum of two tickets each, but of course we’d like you to sell many many more! A reminder to bring in your donation of a bottle of wine to help us stock our wine fridge to be raffled off that evening, and to reach out to your networks for tickets sales and raffle prizes.
Community Service
Chair Dawn Condon is inviting Sunrisers to volunteer at the following events:
Saturday, October 1st; 9:00 am -- Junction Creek Painting the Yellow Fish Road
Volunteers will paint yellow fish on area storm sewers, to hopefully prevent dumping of toxic substances.
Sunday, October 8th; 8:00 am – Approximately 10 volunteers are needed to help serve Thanksgiving brunch at the Elgin St. Mission. NOW FULL – Thanks to everyone who stepped up to volunteer!