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Hello fellow Rotarians,

I am pleased to report that we had an excellent turn-out for our first Club Assembly last Thursday. If you were unable to attend, some of the highlights are as follows:

Treasurer: Curtis reported that we currently have just over $20,000 in the bank account but that we still must pay our $5,000 district dues and the second half of our RI dues. We also have the $5,000 set aside for international. Our only other income for the whole year will come from the net revenue from Vive Le Vin.

Club Service: Louise reported that she is currently reviewing our current Constitution and By-Laws and comparing them to the revised ones that RI has sent to clubs. She will be bringing forward proposed changes to the board at their next meeting and then to the club for approval. Reports from chairs under Club Service are as follows: Newsletter – Becky asked that members send her any info/pics or ideas they have that she could put in the newsletter. Please send them to her on the Sunday as that is when she preps the newsletter ( Public Relations – Sandi has had to step down as PR Chair, so Louise is looking for someone to fill that position. Sending media releases and the monthly column for Northern Life are the responsibilities. Membership – Luann has been working with a small task force to look at the various levels of membership that many clubs now have. She will have her report ready within a couple of weeks. Program – Jeff was unavailable but Louise reported that he has speakers booked until January. If anyone has ideas for a speaker please get in touch with Jeff at Fellowship – Trina told the group that the club Christmas party will be at Darlene’s home. It is a dinner evening beginning at 7 pm and it is BYOB. DATE CHANGE The party will now be held on Saturday, December 2nd.

Community Service: Vive Le Vin – Trina/Sue reported that Vive Le Vin planning is going very well with great prizes and a fun event planned. The ticket sales however are about two weeks behind last years' sales. She encouraged members to get their table/tickets sold and turn in the money so that we will have a better idea of numbers for the event. Please remember that this is our ONLY fundraiser and we must ensure its success. Fill a Crib – Shannon said the forms for Fill a Crib are ready and if anyone wants one to connect with her. Salvation Army Bill Ringing – Cathy Coe has offered to organize that project for December. Rotary Park – Gary Choy wanted everyone to know that the BBQ at the chalet was awesome.

Foundation: Beau sent his thanks to everyone who participated in buying ponchos as well as special thanks to all those who came out to walk in the torrential downpour. He also sent thanks to Trina for organizing the BBQ at Rotary Park. We raised over $1,500 for polio.

New Generations: Maureen reported that she is attending the Rotary exchange student dinner at the Motley Kitchen on November 8th if anyone would like to go with her. She is also looking into Interact clubs in high schools. Darlene informed the club that she and Steve Doni will be meeting with the President of the Young Professionals Association to see if there are synergies between the two organizations.

International: Sonia’s committee will be meeting on November 27th to work on an international grant application to match the $5,000 from the Fielding family.

Sergeant-at-Arms: Mick was pleased to announce that the fund from Happy Bucks has grown steadily since its inception and is pacing to achieve $400. Per quarter. (Can you tell he is a sales guy!)

My sincere thanks to everyone for their engagement not only on committees but within the club as a whole. The Sudbury Sunrisers have a proud 25-year history and we are all a part of that.

NOTICE: November 16th – First meeting at the Lexington Hotel

November 23rd – Meeting to be held at the YMCA for YMCA Peace Week.

Yours in Rotary,
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Barb Roy poses with a member of the Rotary Club of Dartmoor Vale of Bishopsteington, Devon, England (an all-male club!).
Rotarians Abroad 2017-08-03 04:00:00Z 0
Past President: Louise Bergeron
President Elect: Kris Cacciotti
Secretary: Tyler Stott
Treasurer: Curtis Roy / Luann Belfry
Sergeant at Arms: Mick Weaver
5 Avenues of Service
Club Service
     Director: Louise Bergeron
     - Admin: Kris Cacciotti / Becky Ducharme
     - Membership: Luann Belfry
     - Fellowship:  Trina Tallon
     - PR / Media: Sandi Campbell
     - Program: Jeff Sutton (Don Garrioch, Gerry Lougheed, Jr., Brian Smith)
Community Service
     Director: Mel Dionne
     - Rotary Park: Brian (Mike Staffen, Mike Pagnutti)
     - Fishing for Food: Mick Weaver / Lori Harris (Barb Roy, Amanda Berloni, Steve Doni, Becky Ducharme, Mike Pagnutti)
     - Fill-a-Crib: Shannon Kenrick-Rochon
     - December serving at the Mission: Dawn Larsen / Giorgio Lagana
     - Blood Donation Drive: Lisette Wirta / Mel Dionne
     - Vive Le Vin: Sue Lekun
Vocational Service
     Director: David Munch
     Chair: Annette Cressy
International Service
     Director: Sonia Del Missier
     - Stephen Havlovic
     - Barb Roy
     - Becky Ducharme
     - Amélie Hien
     - Maureen McNamara
New Generations (Youth)
     - Sheilah Weber (Protection Officer)
     - Maureen McNamara
Foundation / Paul Harris
     Director: Beau Frescura
Leadership Team 2017/18 2017-07-13 04:00:00Z 0
As you may have seen,  the Rotary Sunrisers' Presidential Turnover will be held at Raffi's house on Wednesday, June 28th starting at 6:00 p.m.
Weather permitting, the festivities will be held outside. Dinner will be catered by Regency Bakery and beverages will be supplied. The cost is $20 per person. Please bring your own folding chair, bug spray, jackets, and sippy cups. Spouses welcome.
The address is as follows:
185 Merrygale Drive
Sudbury, ON P3E 6K5
Please RSVP to Trina via email at
Rotary Sunrisers Presidential Turnover 2017-06-28 04:00:00Z 0

At the recommendation of the International Committee, the Rotary Club of Sudbury Sunrisers recently provided $500 to Chanel to support her efforts on behalf of Me to We.  Chanel will be embarking on a mission to India to work on a water well project.  We are hoping that upon her return from India, Chanel will join us at a meeting to share her experiences with us.


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The Noon Club has extended an invitation to the Sunrisers to come out and join them on Saturday, June 10, 2017 for Blues for Food.  There will be an excellent line-up of musical acts for the day, starting at noon and playing through to 8:00 PM.  Why not spend your Saturday enjoying a great event in support of the Food Bank!
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Music has been an important part of leading an ordinary life for students at the Music School for Children With Disabilities in Honor of Paul Harris in Lublin, Poland. Founded by Rotary members, the school serves 20 students with various disabilities, including Down syndrome, autism, and visual impairments. The Rotary Club of Lublin-Centrum-Maria Curie-Sklodowska has provided funding with help from Rotary Foundation Matching Grants and the Henryk Wieniawski Musical Society, which houses the school.
After their son Mateusz was born with underdeveloped eyes, Mariusz and Joanna Kania looked for ways to help him be active. When he showed an aptitude for music, they looked for a teacher and were thrilled to find the Paul Harris music school.
Helping people with disabilities make their own music 2015-05-01 00:00:00Z 0
For years, Angalia Bianca had slept in abandoned buildings throughout Chicago. She stole. She did drugs. She spent time in and out of jail for forgery, theft, trespassing, and possession of narcotics. But after she landed in prison for the seventh time, something changed -- Bianca knew she wanted a better life. She just didn’t know how to make it happen.
After serving her time, Bianca sought help from a local homeless organization, A Safe Haven, and moved to its shelter in the Rogers Park neighborhood. Bianca followed the program closely -- she attended all the required meetings, passed drug tests, and volunteered at every opportunity.
Finding Safe Haven 2015-05-01 00:00:00Z 0
What is it like taking a large team to Africa?  It has probably been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. In mid February, I began leading Rotary members from all over the East Coast of the United States through Ghana. I’ve tried to give the team a warm Ghanaian welcome like I’ve received on my earlier trips. A large trip is a real blessing because each person sees Ghana and our work in a different way.

A highlight for the team was greeting the chief of Sagadugu. The team got excited about buying goats and food for children in the villages where I support eight churches. It was good to see the pastors of most of the eight churches, and I had to explain that we were just passing through on our way to Bolgatanga.
Saving lives in Ghana 2015-05-01 00:00:00Z 0
Throughout India and around the world, Rotary clubs are celebrating a major milestone: India has gone three years without a new case of polio. The last reported case was a two-year-old girl in West Bengal on 13 January 2011. To mark this historic triumph, Rotary clubs illuminated landmarks and iconic structures throughout the country with four simple but powerful words, "India is polio free."
The three-year achievement sets the stage for polio-free certification of the entire Southeast Asia region by the World Health Organization. The Indian government also plans to convene a polio summit in February to commemorate this victory in the global effort to eradicate polio.
India celebrates three years without polio 2014-02-26 00:00:00Z 0